If you don't like band I like, that's cool with me
If you like bands I don't like, that's cool too

But don't fucking start ranting how this band is totally weird.
Or not you're cup of tea.
Or you like just a bunch of songs.
Or whatever.

Just don't say anything about bands I like.

Well, truth to be told, this whole post is about one person
who is a friend

But lately we disagree in every possible way on everything
so it's kind of hard to maintain friendly relationship

Reason is mostly that she's a casual fan
a.k.a. listen to bunch of songs she came across,
not really interested what other songs band have, or who members are,
or what PVs\DVDs\etc. they have

and I'm the "dedicate your whole life to a band" fan
and even if I'm not trying I know lots of bands
and lots of stuff about bands and clubs and overall visual kei subculture

So she see me as unnecessary pressuring her with my unnecessary information
and I see her as, well, too little interested and sometimes stupid.

And it just breaks my heart how different we are.