So since graduation I was considering (more closely)
going to Japan (still doesn't mean I will).

And taking into consideration that I'm not in a slightest a people person
and maybe even agoraphobic,
going alone seems like a wast of time.
I mean sightseeing or shopping is a maybe,
but lives (which is half of my motivation to go) is out of the question.

So I thought that I might convince someone to go with me.

And right there I realize there like two people who actually share my music taste.
Of course, people I know and more or less friends with.
And sad pert is neither of them are going anytime soon. Sob

On the bright side (as I thought) there are many
who likes visual kei and some of them are super lovely and fun.
And even agrees to take in consideration short trip sometime this year.

But turns out liking vkei doesn't mean we have similar taste
Not even close

That's somehow strange :/

See you soon.