I usually have two type of dreams:

one is a random mix of everything that's on my mind at the moment
whatever it is, my grades, bands, love-life etc
second is nightmares (don't worry I don't get it that much)
and they are like horror movies
literally like horror movie with all the typical plot twists and scene

up until now that second type was mostly me running away from some kind of monster
and the horror part was I had no chance to escape
like that thing has some gps on me and can walk through walls and such
so in the end I was hiding somewhere and I knew that anytime soon
that thing gonna catch me and here I usually wake up
thinking "Oh~ Thanks God that was just a dream"

but lately it changed and my nightmares are more like
me fighting something evil

So I wondered, that should be good right? that I'm not running and hiding anymore?

See you soon.

@музыка: yazzmad - ユートピア

2012-10-11 в 21:48 

Hotaru Filth
уооо ты тоже на дайрике!! чудесно^^

2012-10-13 в 21:59 

Ах да... ^^; я везде есть... только скрываюсь.

Добро пожаловать... наверное...