I know a few of future wifes.

And, to be honest, it doesn't bothers me. Well at least when there's a good amount of humor in what they say.
I find that amusing. But on the other hand there's so many butt-hurt fans...

But all those girls, they like musicians I don't like in that way.

Surely I find them attractive but not in the "OMG you're my life!" kind of way.
So I wonder if there were someone who likes M, would I get irritated too.

Strictly speaking, I don't think I'd mind Mazu's i-will-marry-him-fangirl
But if it was Mu... I think I'd get a bit "We'll see whom he chooses!"
Or I think by now I have similar feelings toward Rainman's Haru...

But honestly, I don't think, even if I had a real chance, I'd date any of them
I find it way more interesting to get to know them, to be-friend them maybe...

See you soon.

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