Elsewhere a person that is mention here could read it, and I don't want that

I have a complicate way of thinking
Especially when it come to expressing ones feelings

Don't you think, that by saying\tying something you feel will get cheaper?
I know that's not always true, and write about my feelings a lot...

But when it comes to one thing I, almost against my will going all table flipping

Don't get me wrong, I like her and think that she's great
But that thing is still unacceptable to me.

Ah~ That was a long begging...

The meaning of it is the following

There isn't much "j-rock fans", so someone rather outstanding, who on top of it was there for a long of time

unexpectedly die

the whole community in talking about this
I can understand that.

And personally I feel more astonished than sad.

But when you keep on saying "rip", "we won't forget you"
about the person you newer knew

What I am supposed to think about you?
For someone who takes interest in other only when she dies...

To me that's pyre posing!
And I hate that!

This is it.

See you soon.

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