And all the butthurt thoughts will remain only in twitter

Yesterday (and I had a serious reason for it),
I was looking thought Ao's blog
or more like pics from his blog.

And end up all "I don't know what my feeling are doing! D:"
'Cuz well, they all so wonderful and it's so sad...

Well here you go. I just had to post this!

Cute Tetsuya-san with his dog! So adorable! :heart::heart:

A couple of fanarts. It seems like people doesn't post M's fanart on pixiv or DA
Another reason to be sad~

The quality is so low, but expressions so cute! Priceless!

And the last one

なんか、かっこいいですね。<img class=">
Don't hate me for using japanese despite the fact I don't know it...

See you soon.

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