I got a hair cut. Unexpectedly.
I got to my hometown at 6 a.m.
And I said my mom that I want to cut my hair, so they won't look so pathetic.
She called a hairdresser and made an appointment in one hour.

But when hairdresser asked what kind of hairstyle I want, I said "I don't care, make it look more healthy"

So she just start cutting it, asking me from time to time "is it OK like that?"

And in the end
My hairstyle end up being a bit like Arimura's

If you look closely you can see the resemblance, the shape is petty much the same.

But doesn't matter how much I tried it doesn't look like his hair...
Not that I tried a lot...

And when I washed my head, my hair
they made some kind of twist
And now it looks completely different!

See you soon.

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