of the previous post was that. But I got carried away and end up with a different story
But still want to share this one.

A cool boy (is he really a boy? I start doubting it...) got a last live DVD of M
And uploaded a video on YT.
I was so moved by it so immediately sent him a long message with a lot of questions.

And when I thought that he just thinks I'm a creeper or something and not going to answer he did!

And with a long and interesting message! And now I don't know what to say...
I'm too shy >.<

But he did upload an old song (old but never heard) too.

And I watched that video for like 5 times and still can't concentrate on the song.

I'm carried away by details! (as I said in twitter ;) )

I keep on thinking

OMG Does Tetsuya still have this silly polka dot costume? Like for real? It's what, like 5 years have past?
And Masakazu in traditional clothes! I have a soft spot for those...
And what Mu-kun is wearing? Can't see at all! >.<

Or and Mazu's padawan's braid got so long by that time! He started to growing it some where around Sansan release
or Renon PV shooting... his hairs sure grown fast!

And Ao! Just in general!
At fist, I got interested in M thanks to Mu's hair style (he looks like Ryutaro's younger brother!)
So it's expectable I like him the most...

But as time past and I started to know more about them I kind of start falling for Ao...

I know that's silly, but I'm a mere fangirl. So it can't be help!

See you soon.

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