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For a change

It's not a sad post about M

I really need to study, so I really have no motivation for it
So I just looking around internet for something interesting :D

And that's what I found

Meet Jin and Haru from Rainman ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I just could not post that!

Haru's adorable facial expression :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

See you soon.

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I lol'd


かわいいって言わなきゃコロス! (c) ameblo.jp/masataka-thomas/

seriously laughed out loud...

Maybe be it's just stress from studying

but that was so funny :D

See you soon.

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I want to say something

But I don't know what to say...

I still believe words make your feelings cheaper...
Like when you go on and on about your feelings it's like you don't really feeling it
but just showing off.
I know that's not all the time true, but that is how I feel.

That's why I'm redoing that post for tens time.

I don't even know where to start and is there even a point in starting.
Saying that I miss M like hell.
Saying that my heart aches a bit when I listen to them
But saying that I'm a grown up girl and I know it pass
I like so many things that in a year or two I may not be a fangirl at all.

With all those things, I thought again "I should be masochistic too be sad and happy at once" lol

See you soon.

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About music (I guess...)

Reading 救音's lyrics
Even if I don't understand half of it
Even if I'm not all that emotional

I cried... And got angry...

It's that kind of emotions when you know it's no one fault
but you can't help but feel angry

"A really important song you said...
A song about wanting to ease people's pain with your music...
Did that feeling already disappeared?
You don't think like that anymore?
Indeed, it's like a broken promise...
A promise you couldn't keep..."

That's what was running through my mind...

I know that's unreasonable and selfish
And I just need to have my own life and stop depending on you.

Now, by typing it I got better... stopped worrying and all

See you soon.

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I'm hopeless

And all the butthurt thoughts will remain only in twitter

Yesterday (and I had a serious reason for it),
I was looking thought Ao's blog
or more like pics from his blog.

And end up all "I don't know what my feeling are doing! D:"
'Cuz well, they all so wonderful and it's so sad...

Well here you go. I just had to post this!

Cute Tetsuya-san with his dog! So adorable! :heart::heart:

A couple of fanarts. It seems like people doesn't post M's fanart on pixiv or DA
Another reason to be sad~

The quality is so low, but expressions so cute! Priceless!

And the last one

なんか、かっこいいですね。<img class=">
Don't hate me for using japanese despite the fact I don't know it...

See you soon.

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That made me curious

The whole situation with Screw coming to Europe.

First of all. I thought there's going to be a big fuss over that.
But I didn't see any!
Like no "OMG I'm so happy I could die!" or "Why? Why you no come to my country/America!"
That was a bit disappointing...
And most of all there were none of "Why them? why not Gazette/Alice nine/other PSC bands"

Indeed why?
Was it on the bands demand? Like others doing overseas tours why we can't?
Or was it management's decision? Something like a little promotion for that one would be good?

And I'm probably won't go to see them...
But at least there is someone I know who is going!

See you soon.

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Not to make this post too long

I tried but failed...

That's always happens to my posts...

Like I think, I should explain this at first or the rest would be too confusing.

So in the future I'll try to keep it short

And a bit of side story.

I'm a kurage first of all. A Plastic tree fan.
But I like a lot of Japanese band. Once I made this thing

I'm kind of proud of that thing and think it's a failure at the same time.
I think it could've turn better if done by a more talented person.

So of the logos are too blurry, some just doesn't fit in...
and the pic itself not really well balanced.
And I forgot some bands I like... and to be honest put some I don't listen.

That brings me to the subject of me being easily influenced...

I shall stop here.

See you soon.

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